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Verklanking is a music-science collaboration between scientist Tim Leufkens, composer Vincent Cox, and conductor Frank Marx.

The word ‘verklanking’ means ‘to turn ideas into sounds’.

Combination between science and art

For over 15 years Leufkens, Cox and Marx have been co-creating experimental, innovative productions for percussion ensembles. They have evolved a way of working in which Leufkens takes up the role of concept generator, Cox the composing role and Marx the role of artistic leader/producer and conductor. In their productions scientific themes are turned into artistic compositions.

Impressive and extraordinary to the max

The three men already have a meritorious track record that, with embracing the experiment, but always with a thoroughly studied theme, has changed percussion both nationally as internationally. By saying goodbye to the beaten tracks, by being inspired by other musical cultures, and by creating a bridge between music and science, they have been producing a series of impressive and extraordinary compositions since the late ‘90s.

They started with the production titled ‘Scene Analysis’ in which auditory illusions and Gestalt laws were taken as the scientific topics. After that, in ‘Phrenology’ a number of parts of the brain were turned into sounds. The third composition was named ‘L’Uomo’ in which various aspects of human behavior were taken as the starting point of the production. Recently, ‘Somnophonography’ about sleep, and ‘Demenz’ about the three clinical stages of dementia were performed.