Bio Frank Marx

Frank Marx (born October 30th, 1968 in Elsloo, The Netherlands) is employed as a scientist CRF analysis at the R&D department of a chemical company.

Frank’s musical career start at the Artamuze School of Music in Geleen, The Netherlands. He graduated as a conductor for percussion ensembles at the Kreato Foundation in Thorn, The Netherlands under supervision of Leo Pustjens and August Thissen.


Over the last 15 years Frank has been the conductor and artistic leader of a variety of percussion ensembles. This has resulted in an impressive number of national and international victories and awards.

Frank distinguishes himself from other conductors by continuously searching for new and innovative dimensions in percussion compositions. Currently, Frank is the passionate conductor and artistic leader of the Dutch percussion ensembles from ‘Philharmonie Sittard’ and ‘Harmonie St. Michaël Thorn’.